Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free seminar on access to Apple Products

Please join us, and help us spread the word by sharing this announcement far and wide…


IPhone, iPod & iPad

Get the iNFORMATION You Need…


Come to a Free Seminar at

American Foundation for the Blind

Center on Vision Loss


Presented by

Marci Duty, Christal Vision  & Neva Fairchild, AFB

This 3 hour seminar will focus on iOS devices and the latest  built-in accessibility for people with low or no vision. Learn about Zoom and Voice Over, the gestures used with touch screens and apps to make your life easier. If you get an iDevice for Christmas, bring it with you for hands-on learning. If you're still thinking about purchasing an Apple product, come and see how an iOS device can change your life. Representatives from Verizon Wireless will have some devices for you to use, if you don't have your own. And, Freedom Scientific will have Focus Blue braille displays available to try hands-on, if you've never experienced using your iDevice with braille!


When: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 1 to 4 pm

Where: AFB Center on Vision Loss

11030 Ables Lane Dallas, TX 75229


RSVP to 214-438-5316 or as in-person seating is limited to the first 50 participants.


You can also attend this seminar using the TC Conference webinar platform.


Listed below are steps to verify that your system is capable of running the TC Conference software. Following these instructions are all the information needed for joining the presentation

itself, including the username and password. Finally, we have included some useful keystrokes for using TC Conference.


Verifying System Readiness.

If you have not used TC Conference or if it has been quite some time, please visit the following website and activate the link to "Perform the Verification"

a day or two before the presentation. If necessary, download and install the current version of Java, as well as the TC Conference plug-in. Links are provided

on the page. If you need assistance, contact us by sending an email to


System Verification

You will not be able to enter the conference room itself until one hour before the actual presentation.


For best results, using Internet Explorer is recommended. A headset with microphone makes the dialog more clear. For those who cannot or choose not to

use a microphone, text messaging is available for all participants.


Logging In for the Presentation

Here are the steps to get into the conference room. The room will be open at noon central time, one hour before the presentation begins at 1:00 Central



1. Go to


2. Activate the link to Enter the Room

3. Wait several seconds before the security alert pops up (this could take a full minute) and press OK. Those using a screen reader may only hear the words

"Security Alert." Press the Enter key to accept the OK button.

4. Enter the login credentials:

Username: [participants should enter their first and last names]

Password: free (all in lowercase letters)


Useful Keystrokes

To speak when the microphone is available, hold down the Ctrl key, release when done speaking

To send a text message to the group, press F8, type the message and press Enter

To move to the list of text messages, press F9 and arrow through them

To jump to the list of participants press F7

To find out who is speaking press alt+e

To move to various parts of the TC Conference window use Tab and shift+Tab


Another Opportunity to learn about Apple products…


Gigi Firth is a member of the Apple core of Dallas, which is a user group for Apple devices like the iPhone and Mac computer. It is primarily a group for cited users at this time, but Gigi has proposed the idea of setting up a group for people with vision loss to be part of The Apple Corps of Dallas. She is particularly interested in establishing a special interest group for Voice Over users. She would like to combine mobile users and Macintosh computer voice over users. Would you be interested in helping to establish this group? If you are, call Gigi at 214-827-7734 or email her at She needs at least 5 other Voice Over users to establish the group. This is your chance to begin something meaningful for yourself and others. Check out The Apple Core of Dallas at

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