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Removing limits through technology

When dealing with sensory losses, it can be difficult to find services to help. This group provides help through technology.
Features of the “Removing Limits Through Technology”
Assistive Technology Lab
Ability Connection Texas

Ability Connection Texas has been providing vital care and support to people with disabilities for over 58 years. Today, one in five people have a disability - which is why our services are so important. Whether advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, teaching the letters of the alphabet to a child with autism, or training an adult with a head injury to re-enter the workforce with the use of adaptive technology, ACT is the preeminent organization leading the way for people of all ages with any type of physical or intellectual disability.

For individuals with hearing impairment or who are deaf:

  •  UbiDuo-Real time face-to-face communication for the deaf and hearing.
  • Pocketalker PRO by Williams Sound – sound amplification device
  • AT-216 Digitally Synthesized Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit by Comtek – wireless sound amplification device
  • Leah Gardner, Director of the RLTT program has American Sign Language skills

For individuals with visual impairment:
  • Various hand held magnification devices of varying magnification levels
  • SenseView P430 Portable Magnifier
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) allows magnification up to 50 times of photo and text.
  • MAGic (software program with speech) computer magnification program up to 16 times with screen reader speech output.
  • JAWS (Job Accommodations With Speech) for Windows, screen reader for computer users who have no vision.
  • Dolphin Supervona – portable screen magnification and screen reading software
  • WinZoom – portable screen magnification and screen reading software
  • Keys U See large print keyboard
  • Intel Reader – Transforms printed text to the spoken word (temporary loan until 5/26/11)

For individuals with limited mobility:

  • Adaptive Switch Labs Mouse Emulator evaluation pack – allows user computer access and mouse movement through proximity switches
  • Various switches which can be mounted to accessed by hand, finger, elbow, knee, foot, head, chin, etc. to be used to access computer, AAC device, and/or environmental controls.
  • Bookshare – subscription reading service for individuals who are print impaired. Includes over 60,000 titles including best sellers and textbooks.
  • SofType – on screen keyboard with work prediction and can be used with a switch or hands free access system.
  • Tracker – hands free access system uses a camera on the monitor and a Teflon dot on the user to guide the pointer on screen.
  • HeadMouse – hands free access system uses a camera mounted on the monitor and a Teflon dot on the user to guide the pointer on the screen.
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – continuous speech recognition program allows the user to speak into a microphone to dictate and navigate the computer hands free.
  • Mac Speech – continuous speech recognition program allows the user of an Apple Mac computer to speak into a microphone to dictate and navigate the computer.
  • Word Q & Speak Q – software for reading, writing, and learning with speech recognition.
  • Cyberlink hardware and Brainfingers software – uses facial movements and brainwaves for a person to access a computer totally hands free.
  • Evoluent Vertical Mouse – ergonomic mouse
  • MagicTouch touch screen monitor – allows the user to use their finger, instead of a mouse, to access the computer.
  • Joystick Roller II – mouse alternative similar to the joystick used to control a power wheelchair. Can change to T-bar or tennis ball for someone with contractures.
  • Kensington Programmable Trackball – stationary mouse alternative for persons with limited mobility.
  • REACH On-Screen Keyboard with word prediction and speech output
  • Scan Buddy – allows the user to perform computer operation using switch scanning

For individuals with literacy limitations or cognitive limitations:
  • Discovery Desktop – Customizable Windows desktop
  • WYNN – Literacy Support program
  • Intellikeys keyboard – alternative keyboard which meets needs of individuals with physical, visual, and cognitive challenges
  • Intellitools Classroom Suite – Pre-authored overlays and curriculum to help a wide range of learners using Intellikeys keyboard
  • MagicTouch touch screed computer monitor – allows the user to use direct select (finger) instead of a mouse to access the computer.
  • Reading Pen – scan words the reader is unfamiliar with to hear the word, get definition, and translations.

For individuals who are non-verbal – Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices:
  • iPad with Proloquo2go
  • iPad with Sat It Sam
  • Conversa from Words + (temporary loan through 5/26/11)
  • Prentke Romich products
  • Vanguard
  • Springboard
  • Dynavox Products
  • DV4
  • Minimo
  • Dynawrite
  • Dynwrite V Max
  • Dynavox V Max w/Eye Max
  • MT4
  • Erica 2
  • Tango
  • Assistive Technology, Inc.
  • Link
  • Enabling Devices
  • Cheap Talk 4 Communicator

Ability Connection Texas is a provider for DARS. Texas Workforce Commission has provided Ability Connection Texas with a waiver for training. Please call for information regarding training for individuals with ALL types of disabilities.


Call to schedule a FREE hands-on demonstration!
Leah Gardner
Director of ELTT Program
Ability Connection Texas, 8802 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX 75235
Phone # 214-247-4539

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