Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day with lots of free goodies!

Thank goodness someone has come up with a holiday that does not require sending a card or purchasing something new. In fact, the purpose of earth day is to teach us to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

My experiences with older adults show that they were way ahead on this plan! A generation taught not to waste, taught to reuse, and taught to recycle was way ahead of the curve.

But to help you celebrate, some companies want to give you something free!

Like Reynolds Aluminum. Click here for a coupon for a rebate on a roll of recycled aluminum foil!

Make sure you go by Walgreens today for your free reusable shopping bag and print a coupon for 15% off your eligible store items and 20% off Walgreen and W brand products. To get the coupon, click here

At Central Market on Wednesday, April 22, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, bring in at least 5 plastic bags to their bag recycling unit and you will get one of their signature, striped reusable bags. They're made from recycled plastic bottles, are surprisingly strong and can be used over and over again, promoting more eco-friendly future trips. Limit one free bag per customer, while supplies last.

Disney Stores "Recycling is Magic" Water BottleThe Disney Store has a cool freebie that will probably be very popular. If you bring in 3 empty plastic bottles on Wednesday, April 22, they will give you a free commemorative Earth Day 2009 water bottle. It is while supplies last, so you have to be on top of it for this one. For more details on the giveaway, check here.

Spend $30 or more on green and natural products on, and you’ll get a free Seventh Generation tote bag that’s filled with $40 worth of samples.

Whole Earth Provision has a variety of specials for Earth Day. Check them out here

Gold Metal Recyclers will pay you an extra $.50 per pound for aluminum cans through the end of April. Follow this link for more info:

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